Sick Fux

**This review will contain some mild spoilers**   Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and very mature topics. Recommended for ages 18 and over. Blurb: When Ellis Earnshaw and Heathan James met as children, they couldn’t have been more different. Ellis was loud and beautiful –... Continue Reading →

Without Merit

Blurb: The Voss family is anything but normal. They live in a repurposed church, newly baptized Dollar Voss. The once cancer-stricken mother lives in the basement, the father is married to the mother’s former nurse, the little half-brother isn’t allowed to do or eat anything fun, and the eldest siblings are irritatingly perfect. Then, there’s... Continue Reading →

Book Sleeves

As readers, we want to take care of out books. Make sure they are protected and safe. Book sleeves make that possible. Below are some pictures of my book sleeves. There are many more in my shop. Check them out. If you would like a special order, message me. Shop Now!!!

Hail No

Blurb: Evander Lennox doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. At least, that is, until he’s sent to prison. The four years he's incarcerated, he’s had no choice but to do the things he's asked to do, when he’s asked to do them. And now, if he doesn’t, it will mean a one-way ticket... Continue Reading →

New Releases (9/23/17)

We have had a ton of new releases over the last few weeks. Some of my favorite authors have released new books and I have found some new favorites authors in these last few weeks. Here are a some of the new releases that have caught my eye. Every book on this list is on... Continue Reading →

Taking Avery

WARNING...... This book is not for the faint of heart. There are triggers in this book. You have been warned. Blurb: When a reckless act upsets the balance between two MC clubs, everyone is fair game in the war that erupts. Avery belongs to Lilith’s Army now, after being taken against her will, but she... Continue Reading →

Making Faces

Blurb: Ambrose Young was beautiful. The kind of beautiful that graced the covers of romance novels, and Fern Taylor would know. She'd been reading them since she was thirteen. But maybe because he was so beautiful he was never someone Fern thought she could have...until he wasn't beautiful anymore. Making Faces is the story of... Continue Reading →

Pitch Dark

Blurb: One girl disappeared. After fifteen years, her cold lifeless body was found on the damp forest floor. Not an inch of her was unmarked by the horrors she endured. Alone, malnourished, abused in horrific ways; this was how she died. One girl was found walking the streets, covered in dirt and scars. She had... Continue Reading →

Where Lightning Strikes

Blurb: Do you know what it feels like right before lightning strikes? How you can feel the current running through your veins? The trembles of warning that ripple through the air? It was a thrill Tamar King chased all her life until it became the very thing she had to escape. For the last four... Continue Reading →

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